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Dr. med. Paul H. B. Hubmann

Your Board Certified Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon


Beginning with his studies at the universities of Würzburg, Sydney, Melbourne and Zurich, Dr. Hubmann has always looked for and seized every opportunity to learn and acquire new operative techniques by exchanging thoughts and ideas with pioneers in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

He completed his specialist training at the Clinic for Surgery in Filderstadt/Tübingen and at the Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery and Hand Surgery at St. Josefs Hospital in Hagen.

Every year Dr. Hubmann attends congresses on national and international level for plastic and aesthetic surgery to share new insights concerning the latest surgical techniques with other renowned colleagues and to give lectures about his own findings.

Cologne, Berlin and Antwerp - three major cities in the heart of Europe.
Dr. Hubmann welcomes you!

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Dr. Hubmann has had the pleasure to work with:

  • Dr. Ellen Küther, Berlin
  • Dr. Mirko Przybilski und Dr. Henning Ryssel, Frankfurt/Mannheim
  • Prof. Harvey Stern, Sydney
  • Prof. Andrew Kaye, Melbourne (Microsurgery)
  • Dr. Bernd Voggenreiter und Dr. Hartmut Pfäfflin, Filderstadt/Tübingen
  • Prof. Pietro Giovanoli, Zürich
  • Dr. Francois Petit, Paris
  • Dr. Ingo Kuhfuss, Hagen
  • amongst many others.

The clinic

The spacious offices of the clinic opens directly to the Rhine and the adjacent “green lung of Cologne”, and cordially invites you to take a deep breath. You will receive a warm welcome from our team at the reception with a refreshing beverage, after which you will be accompanied to our consultation and treatment rooms. The first-class and medically state-of-the-art clinic exudes elegance and style, here you can leave your everyday life behind. In the luxurious patient rooms you can enjoy the tranquility of the prime waterfront location, while our team pampers and cares for you. Our impressive grand suites on the first floor are equipped with top-class and tasteful furnishings, comparable to a 5-star hotel.
We welcome you!


All staff members are highly qualified and treat you both medically according to the latest guidelines and individually to your fullest satisfaction.