Achieving substantial weight loss takes enormous stamina and discipline. Unfortunately, once excess weight is lost, it leaves behind traces. Despite successful weight loss, loose, heavy folds of skin can be a constant reminder of your former self and can cause as much distress as the excess weight itself.


Full body correction

Duration of intervention

3-6 hours


Inpatient care for 2 nights

Recovery period

3-6 weeks

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Vigorous exercise and strict dieting cannot tighten up your figure. In this situation, a combination of different plastic surgery techniques, referred to as body lift surgery, is an excellent way to get rid of your “baggage” and reveal the new “YOU“!

A circumferential body lift procedure combines a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty), usually involving a reverse tummy tuck and internal corset surgery, and an upper buttock tuck. The scar runs just below the beltline, encircling the body. During the procedure, deeper-lying tissue layers will also be lifted, which creates a sleeker silhouette. Depending on the patient’s goals, the procedure may also be combined with flank lift, thigh lift or arm/breast lift procedures in a single operation.

Duration of treatment: 3-6 hours
Anesthesia: general anesthesia
Inpatient care: 2 nights
Postoperative guidelines: compression garments for 6 weeks
Suture removal: after 7 days
Return to (office) work: after 3 to 4 weeks
Strenuous exercise: after 6 weeks

Dr. Hubmann has performed hundreds of these procedures to help patients gain a brand-new attitude toward their bodies. During the personalized consultation, Dr. Hubmann will develop an individual treatment plan based on his ABSOLUTELY YOU concept.

Quality care

As with all of his treatments, Dr. Hubmann performs body lift surgery with the utmost precision. You will receive close attention and care from both him and his team before, during, and after the procedure. Your adherence to the recommendations for postoperative care is essential to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the results of your body lift. This will pave the way to a new YOU.

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Frequently asked Questions

  • When should I consider body lift surgery?

    Circumferential body lift surgery is a fantastic way for patients to recover a positive body image, especially after significant weight loss. The amount of excess loose skin present after weight loss differs depending on the body area. For instance, the skin on the buttocks may be looser than the skin on the abdomen. Body lift surgery can tighten different body areas as needed in a single operation and restore a harmonious body image.

  • How do I prepare for body lift surgery?

    Ideally, you should have already reached your goal weight and maintained it for at least 6 months. It is important that you follow a balanced diet and do not starve yourself. Your diet should be rich in protein and vitamins, both before and after surgery.

  • How much tissue is removed during body lift surgery?

    Since the amount of excess skin and fat present after weight loss varies widely from individual to individual, it is not possible to make a general statement. In some cases, less than 500 grams of tissue are removed; in others, several kilos are removed.

  • How long should I wait to get pregnant after body lift surgery?

    You should wait at least 1 year. However, we recommend that you wait 2 years, which will allow your body to complete the healing process.

  • Will I experience pain after body lift surgery?

    Some pain can occur in the days following the procedure. However, during your stay with us, Dr. Hubmann will manage your pain and prescribe appropriate pain medication for your recovery at home.

  • Will I have severe scarring after body lift surgery?

    The amount of scarring that occurs after surgery varies widely from patient to patient. Since body lift surgery involves removal of tissue around the entire body, a scar around the circumference of the body is inevitable. However, the sutures are very fine. Over time, they usually fade and can be well hidden by your undergarments.

  • Are the results permanent?

    Even after body lift surgery, the human body continues to age and undergo changes that may affect the abdomen and buttocks. However, with a balanced diet and regular exercise, you can help prevent these effects.