Dark circles under the eyes and the tear troughs can make you look exhausted and listless. Excess skin and fat can form on the lower eyelids due to genetic predisposition or as part of natural aging. The problem is twofold: your skin loses its elasticity, and fat below the skin changes and descends.

Lower blepharoplasty gently removes annoying excess skin and small, deeper-lying amounts of fat, making you look refreshed and youthful overall.


Lower eyelid surgery

Duration of intervention

45 minutes


Outpatient care or overnight stay

Recovery period

1-2 weeks

aisthetikos | Dr. Hubmann | hyaluronsaeure, oberarmstraffung

In the operation, Dr. Hubmann uses a very fine needle to introduce local anesthetic below the skin. The needle prick is barely noticeable. An extremely fine incision is placed directly below the lower eyelashes to remove the excess skin. The skin is lifted, and small amounts of excess fat are removed through the incision. If your skin is still tight, but the underlying excess fat presses forward, the incision can also be placed inside the lower eyelid near the connective tissue. Dr. Hubmann uses very fine suture to close the wound. Practically no visible scarring occurs with either method.

Duration of treatment: 45 minutes for both lower eyelids
Anesthesia: local anesthesia with twilight sedation, general anesthesia upon request
Outpatient day surgery or overnight stay
Postoperative guidelines: cool the area around the eye for 48 hours
Suture removal: after 8 days
Return to (office) work: after 4-5 days
Strenuous exercise: after 2 weeks

During the personalized consultation, Dr. Hubmann will develop an individual treatment plan based on his ABSOLUTELY YOU concept.

Quality care

As with all of his treatments, Dr. Hubmann performs lower blepharoplasty with the utmost precision. You will receive close attention and care from both him and his team before, during, and after the procedure. Your adherence to the recommendations for postoperative care is essential to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the results of your lower blepharoplasty. This will pave the way to a new YOU.

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Frequently asked Questions

  • What rules should I follow after lower blepharoplasty?

    It is important for you to keep the area around your eyes cool after lower blepharoplasty, which will help prevent swelling and bruising. Dr. Hubmann also recommends that you keep your head and upper body elevated during the first postoperative week. Sitting in a relaxed position on the couch or your favorite armchair and placing a second pillow under your head when sleeping will promote and accelerate healing.

  • How well will I be able to open my eyes after lower blepharoplasty?

    In the days following lower blepharoplasty, your eyelids will usually remain somewhat swollen, which may impede opening your eyes. You should initially avoid extended periods of reading, watching TV, or driving a car in general.

  • Will my vision change as a result of lower blepharoplasty?

    No, your vision will not be impaired.

  • Can I also have my upper eyelids treated?

    If you have a lot of excess skin on your upper eyelids, upper blepharoplasty is a treatment option. We can provide you with more information on this procedure. Surgery on the upper and lower eyelids can also be combined in a single operation. In your personalized consultation, Dr. Hubmann will be happy to explain the special aspects of this procedure.

  • When can I start exercising again after lower blepharoplasty?

    To allow the area around your eyes enough time to heal and achieve optimal results from the surgery, you should refrain from exercising for 2 weeks.

  • Can lower blepharoplasty be combined with other procedures?

    Lower blepharoplasty can easily be combined with other procedures during the same operation. These may include procedures on the head and face, such as hyaluronic acid injection (dermal filler) or Botox® treatment, microneedling, or facelift, as well as procedures on the breasts or other body parts. Please do not hesitate to discuss your goals with Dr. Hubmann during your consultation.

  • Will I experience pain after lower blepharoplasty?

    Some minor pain can occur in the days following the procedure. However, during your stay with us, Dr. Hubmann will manage your pain and prescribe appropriate pain medication for your recovery at home.

  • Will I have visible scars after lower blepharoplasty?

    When the incision is made on the outer eyelid, it is located directly below the lower eyelashes, making the scar barely perceptible even up close. When the incision is placed in the connective tissue inside the lower eyelid, it is completely undetectable.

  • Are the results of lower blepharoplasty permanent?

    Yes, the results are permanent. In extremely rare cases, however, excess skin can build up again over the years and you may wish to have a second blepharoplasty.